Sydney tar ponds essay

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Sydney tar ponds essay

It will examine the historical contamination factors and the challenges hindering the clean up process. The major part of the paper will be dedicated to exploring the environmental challenges resulting from the toxin produced and deposited in the region.

In order to address this problem effectively the research paper will seek to answer some of the following questions. What are the sources of the toxic chemicals in the area? What factors have contributed to the contamination of the area for over a hundred years?

What are the legal requirements not or met by the steel company? Why have the government and community interventions not successful as expected?

What are the appropriate measures to address in order to purify the site? What are the economic and social challenges associated with this debris?

What are the environmental impacts of these contaminants to the society the environment and the human population in the area? In order to find sufficient answers to these questions the study will review various literatures on the same and focus on the government reports.

In so doing an in- depth understanding of the situation will be uncovered. Additionally a historical update of the situation will help in figuring the appropriate remedial strategies that can be effectively implemented to solve the problem. Most importantly the environmental impact on the same will be the central theme of the study.

A clear understanding of the environmental health and safety of the human population within the locality will be examined with a critical eye.

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This will unveil the efforts put in by the government and other stakeholders and the challenges hindering a successful clean up project implementation. The purification process of the site is integral for the environmental benefit of the region.

However the health and safety impact on the same are equally important. From a historical perspective the effectiveness of the government intervention has not been successful. This calls for better policies to enhance the effectiveness of the cleanup process.

The Sydney tar ponds are located in the eastern show of the Sydney harbour. In the recent past the Sydney Steel the Sydney Tar Ponds Corporation has continuously emptied its coal-based contaminants and sludge. However programs to clean up the waterway have been faced by false starts delays and political controversy.

The Canadian ponds are said to be contaminated with over tonnes of toxic-laden soils.

Sydney tar ponds essay

The ponds are located in a densely populated urban area with an estimated population of 30 people. Community-based organizations and the government have teamed together to initiate the cleanup program despite there being some political and social challenges on the same.

Sydney tar ponds essay

The Sydney tar ponds are as a result of hundreds of years of contamination from the steel company. The process of turning steel to the coal from the 19th century has contributed in the production of a soup of toxic compounds made of deadly chemicals such as mercury lead and other heavy metals.

This has resulted into environmental hazards with over a million tonnes of contaminated soil sediments spreading over three major sites namely; the North and South Tar ponds as well as the former Coke Oven Site. This paper discusses the evaluation of the success of the cleanup process based on the economic value.

By focusing on the cost sharing between the two companies that is Sydney tar ponds and the coke ovens the research will establish a continuous update on the situation. The use of this paper will be helpful in a successful evaluation and writing of the research paper.

Volume I of II. Sydney Tar Ponds Agency. This report gives a detailed analysis of the environmental effects of the tar ponds.Sydney Tar Ponds: Information about the Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens cleanup progress in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Sydney Opera House Essay. The Sydney Opera House is a performing arts centre located on Bennelong Point in Sydney, New South Whales Australia. The Sydney Opera House is a masterpiece and an iconic building of the 20th century and has created itself as the Australian Symbol in many countries. The Syndney tar ponds in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia—a result of toxic runoff from steel industry coke ovens—are North America’s largest toxic waste site.

(1;2; 5) These ponds belong to the Muggah Creek watershed and lie in the urban area of Sydney, impacting more than 25, residents within a .

Sydney Tar Ponds Agency is an agency that deals with stabilizing, solidifying and containing the contaminated materials to clean up the environment and the .

The Sydney Tar Ponds are the most toxic hazardous waste site in North America, located in Cape Breton. These tar ponds were caused essentially from a century of steel making, polluting it with high levels of PCB, mercury, lead and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons.

Sydney tar ponds essays Upstream from the Sydney tar ponds, and the root of all it.

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