How mrs evans taught me the charms of reading books

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How mrs evans taught me the charms of reading books

You ask me to relate how Pasco county received its name. From toHernando county, especially the southern end, rapidly filled with a high type of settlers, many of whom I knew and remember pleasantly.

We all were weary of traveling the sand trails of Brooksville, the county seat, to attend court, or transact other business of varied nature, and when we would meet, as neighbors will, at our community post office and stores, comment was loud and complaint vigorous and prolonged against the hardships of the trip.

Such conditions aroused sentiment in favor of county division as a means of relief. Enthusiasm was spontaneous and hope ran high.

The result was a mass meeting which was attended by nearly all our male citizens, and was very representative, there being present people from every precinct in the southern end of the county. Unanimous sentiment was for division—the proper steps to take to attain that result was the issue for discussion.

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After deliberation, it was resolved that a committee of two be named to go to Tallahassee in the interest of the desired end, the Hon.

Hendley and myself being the committee selected. As the legislature was in session, we went on at once, being fearful for the success of our undertaking we concluded that as Mr. Hendley had an extensive acquaintance with the members of the legislature, that he should circulate among them and lobby for the bill, while I should get the measure in shape for presentation and passage.

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As we learned that nearly every member thought he came from the Banner county, we began to seek for an unobjectionable name. At that time the body was in joint session, voting for United States Senator, and very enthusiastically elected Judge Samuel Pasco of Monticello to the position.

We gave the finished bill to Senator A. Mann, who at once introduced it in the Senate, and it passed unanimously. It was expedited to the house and sponsored by F. Saxon, where it passed unanimously.

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The Governor was favorable and signed it. Having accomplished all we purposed, we returned home, able to report the complete success of our mission.

How mrs evans taught me the charms of reading books

An interesting volume could be written of the sturdy pioneers of that day, most of whom have gone to their reward, but such is not the purpose of this article, it being a brief biographical sketch of the origin and name of Pasco County.

At the request of my warm personal friend, Senator A. Mann, I wrote the bill that way. The offset in the northern boundary line was to bring the town of Trilby into our county.Present this lesson plan for the strategy of asking questions before, during, and after reading using the book Grandfather's Journey by Alan Say.

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