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As a ship loads or unloads cargo or takes on or consumes fuel, the ship must accommodate changes to its displacement and trim by taking on or discharging ballast water. Without these ballast water operations, ships cannot be operated safely:

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He stood for the Watford seat at the general election and polled 10, votes, coming third.

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The defeated Conservative former MP Gerry Malone successfully challenged the election on the basis of an established precedent which voided the result where it had been affected by a decision not to count ballot papers which had not been properly stamped.

He held the seat in the electionwith a majority of 9, with a Liberal Democrat leadership contest [ edit ] On 10 JanuaryOaten declared that he would be a candidate in the leadership election to replace Charles Kennedystanding on an agenda Following and ans making liberalism relevant to the twenty-first century.

He was widely rumoured to be Kennedy's favoured successor but his campaign failed to gain momentum. On 18 January he became embroiled in a row about the leaking of an email. He concluded his withdrawal statement with the words "Next week I'll be giving some thought to where I go politically and giving my thoughts on the future of the Party.

The newspaper also alleged that Oaten had engaged in ' three-in-a-bed ' sex sessions with two male prostitutes. This was partially contradicted by a Press Gazette interview Oaten gave, in which he said "Journalists They could have made that public interest argument at any point in the three years.

I had always been a Member of Parliament, but they waited until it could sell most newspapers, at the point at which I became well-known and at my most famous. Retirement[ edit ] After his retirement from frontline politics, Oaten released two books, one on the history of coalition governments, [16] and the other a memoir entitled Screwing Up: Reclaiming Liberalism in —although he attracted anger from the book's co-authors at its launch event at the Lib Dem Conference in spring when he refused to answer questions about his own chapter, stating that it had actually been written by his research assistant, and that he had not even read it.

As the party's principal home affairs spokesman, he championed the rights of asylum seekers and civil liberties, condemned calls by then Conservative frontbencher David Davis for the reintroduction of capital punishment and has claimed to want to reunite all the strands of liberalism, and not elevate one above the others.

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Oaten was criticised for accepting the position by animal welfare groups, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Peta and Winchester Animal Concern. In Oaten voted against the ban on fox hunting.December "Shorpy Higginbotham, a 'greaser' on the tipple at Bessie Mine, of the Sloss-Sheffield Steel and Iron Co.

in he was 14 years old, but it is doubtful.

Following and ans

Carries two heavy pails of grease, and is often in danger of being run over by the coal cars.". Sep 08,  · Dear sorry about that actually I joined today so I was don't know how to ask about answers I'll try then, I'll check with you my answers.

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thanks. INTRODUCTION. What is Ballast Water and Why Ships Carry Ballast Water. Ballast water is carried in ships to provide stability and trim.

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A ship’s ability to take on and discharge ballast water is fundamental to its safe operation. Mark Oaten (born 8 March ) is a British politician who was a senior member of the Liberal served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Winchester from to Born in Watford, Hertfordshire, Oaten became a councillor in local government, joining the centre-left Social Democratic Party, which merged with the Liberal Party to form the Liberal Democrats in Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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Following and ans

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