Finanzierung business plan muster station

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Finanzierung business plan muster station

The present relates to a system and a method for communications high subscriber density. For many years, the problem was to provide a large number of nationals from residential districts and small business subscribers at the same time in an economical manner with high-speed telecommunications services, difficult to solve.

For communications with low bandwidth for example, less than 56, bits per second bps between subscribers telephone system is entirely adequate. If bandwidth is required between the participants that some orders of magnitude higher eg when streaming high-quality video - Mbstraditional equipment and methods are no longer appropriate.

Diese Technologien fallen unter zwei Kategorien: These technologies fall under two categories: Wired systems rely on conducting cables, which are applied to the premises of each subscriber or on either of the underground earth.

The cables may conduct either electrical or optical signals. However, the costs are very high in both cases for systems with high bandwidth. Die andere Kategorie von Systemen: The other category of systems: Because of improvements in the generation and detection technologies of radiation of these wavelengths, however, systems have become popular more recently, the use of infrared radiation wavelengths of nm to 50, nm.

In principle, even shorter wavelength radiation and beyond could be used: The advantage of wireless systems is that, in principle, the equipment is easier and cheaper to use than wired - there is no need for excavations or cables leading structures.

Both in the field of radio transmission as well as in the optical field of the art is extensive, which aims to solve the problem of the "last mile".

In wireless communication systems, the key points finanzierung business plan muster station determine their efficiency and economy are the following: Wie viel von dem Frequenzspektrum wird ausgenutzt, um die Dienste einer Gesamtheit von Teilnehmern anzubieten: How much of the frequency spectrum is used to provide the services of a set of participants: How easy is it for students to settle in to send broadcast effectively and receive - the so-called "cover" 3.

The complexity and therefore the cost of the equipment that must be used, especially the equipment at the premises of the subscriber. With respect to the proportion of the frequency spectrum required per subscriber, this is a key point for both radio and optical systems.

Since the medium of the communication is a broadcast wave, it is, if many sources of radiation are substantially simultaneously present sufficient, it is difficult to disentangle which signal comes from which participants and for which it is intended.

Dies bedeutet, dass bei einer bestimmten Teilnehmerdichte diese sogenannte Interferenz dominieren wird, und das Kommunikationssystem unbrauchbar wird. This means that at a particular subscriber density, this so-called interference will dominate and the communications system will become unusable.

The more efficient a communications system uses its spectrum, the higher this boundary density. Therefore, a wireless system for use in the mass market must have a very good spectral efficiency in order to maintain the high subscriber densities stand that can be found in most residential areas.

Frequency, time, code systems operate by encoding the signals to be transmitted in different ways to pack as many signals as possible to those resources without adverse interference. Each of these systems increases the complexity and thus the cost of the necessary equipment, but this is paying off so far that makes it possible to achieve higher subscriber densities.

Von diesen Verfahren ist das Zeitmultiplexverfahren wahrscheinlich das unkomplizierteste und am leichtesten in einem brauchbaren System einzusetzende besonders optische Systeme. Of these methods, time division multiplexing is probably the most straightforward and easiest to be inserted into a usable system especially optical systems.

The spatial multiplexing method utilizes substantially the geometrical properties of the transmitted radiation, such as the directional angle and effective range, to mitigate interference by the spatial propagation of the radiation is restricted.

This means that groups of devices, either out of range of each other, or within specific angular ranges of each other, predetermined frequencies may be reused without interference in principle. These two types of space-division multiplexing are demonstrated by modern, which is divided into several sectors GSM base station cells.

When spatial multiplexing transmitter and receiver must again be carefully designed to take full advantage of the reach and angle-related degrees of freedom.

A key problem with these so called "point-to-point" and "mesh" systems is that complicated means for aligning and re-aligning the transmitters and receivers of the beams become necessary again increasing equipment cost and installation complexity and time.

This is due to the geographical locations of the participants are not arranged in geometric patterns, and must be capable of the equipment that is used in these locations to deal with it.

finanzierung business plan muster station

A further problem associated with the broadcast in free space problem is that an arrangement for a reliable reception of the radiation is more difficult with the increase of used frequencies.

In long-wave 1,m radio transmission LW RFfor example, penetrate these rays easily fixed non-metallic structures both man-made, and natural, such as vegetation, hills, mountains, etc. The amount of information that can be transmitted using the radio frequency is, however, rather limited.

This is for mass broadband communications techniques that require a lot of hundreds or thousands of megabits per second, totally inadequate. In practice, this means that frequencies must be used beyond several GHz.

Then, however, the problem is that radiation of these frequencies penetrates solid objects far less simple than LW RF. In fact, the radiation behaves at these frequencies essentially as visible light.

Thus, information is transmitted so that the receiver in a line of sight to the transmitter must be. Dies stellt im Prinzip kein Problem dar.Real templates and tips in each chapter make creation of your own business plan even easier – whether you’re a local SME or an international technology start-up.

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The Transport for London Business Plan 3.

DET2 - Method and apparatus for broadband communications moderate - Google Patents

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