Extrinsic work motivation questionnaire

Motivation Questionnaire Is motivation important for you? It helps individuals clarifying their values and priorities, and it helps employers better retain and motivate their people at the same time. Based on 15 work-related needs - called motivational factors - the questionnaire outlines a comprehensive job motivation profile for each individual participant.

Extrinsic work motivation questionnaire

Any nation that wants to be recognized as a developed country must build its human resources firmly. Hence, a country is said to be technologically developed, if majority of her populace are well educated. Therefore, those that impart the needed knowledge or those that build and mould character must be motivated adequately because motivation is the key to performance and improvement.

Hence it is believed that a motivated teacher always complete the tasks set for him, Extrinsic work motivation questionnaire when such tasks or assignments are difficult or seen uninteresting. However the pertinent question that may rise is; what is motivation?

So motivation can mean the process of arousing the interest of an individual to take a move towards a certain goal. Harzbergdefines motivation as all those phenomena which are involved in the stimulation of actions toward particular objectives where previously, there was little or no movement towards these goals.

Waitleydefines motivation as the inner derive which prompts people act in a certain way. Motivation involved a number of Extrinsic work motivation questionnaire factors that start and maintained activities towards the achievement of personal goals.

Motivation in education can have several effects on how students learn and their behaviour towards subjects matter Ormord Motivation of teachers and students in teaching and learning process can direct behaviour towards particular goals, leads to increase effort and energy enhance cognitive processing, increase initiation of and persistence in activities, determine what consequences are reinforcing and it can also lead to improved performance.

Orphlims is of the view that motivated teachers always look for better ways to do their teaching job, they are more quality oriented and are more productive. Therefore, it means that motivated teachers are determine, to give their, best to achieve the maximum output qualitative education.

Motivation can be in the form of regular payment of salary, fringe benefit, such as allowance, bonus on the job training, promotion of the teachers, provision of good working environment, maintaining high degree of relationship and improving the teachers general well being.

Hence, any teacher that enjoys the above named items is band to give all his best in discharging of his duty because, he would derive satisfaction of being a teacher. In educational sector, motivation plays a great role. When teachers are motivated, this will lead to good performance and high productivity to the sustain of the national growth and development and also, the welfare of its citizens at large.

According to Alu, Eya, Odo, Ede and Ugwu education is an ancient enterprise designed to be the vehicle of social change and over development of self, culture and society. Education is a process designed to help all human beings to grows into persons. Also motivation has an effect on the society in various ways for the development of the nation of the hallmarks of the development and economic prosperity while low performance create problem of underdevelopment.

Since the future of the country lies with the students, so those students need to be well educated, so that they can be equipped with the knowledge and skills to pilot the affairs of this country.

Therefore, the impact of motivation and academic performance of the students when properly treated, will lead to good performance and high productivity to the sustenance of the national progress. The absent of motivation has a negative effect in the standard of education in the country as the students are being deprived of the needed knowledge because the teachers are to motivated to impact the needed knowledge.

Hence, the problems associated with this negative attitude towards motivation result to this: Society human resources will be lagging since the character and knowledge moulder teacher cannot satisfactorily perform his duty.

Therefore, the resultant effect of this problem affects the society at large, since the educational sector cannot produce the desired result as designed in the national policy of education I The study specifically tends to; i. To find the extent to which supervision of instruction influence learning and enhance students academic performance.

To find out the extent to which government regular payment of salaries at and when due to the teachers. To find out the extent to which promotion of teachers at and when due influences teaching and learning process.

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To find out the extent to which such programmes like seminars, conferences and workshops that are conducted for the teachers can enhance their personal academic and professional growth. However, this research will be significance in the following ways: Parents will also benefit when teachers are being motivated in the sense that the students will be responsible to their parents and also the money spent on them will not be in vein because they will help in carrying out families responsibilities.

Students will benefit equally when teachers are motivated because the research will enable them to enhance and improve their academic performance. The teachers also benefit a lot when they positive motivation is given to them in terms of promotion, fringe benefit, salaries are paid at and when due, they will give in their best in the teaching process.

And also their standard of living will improve. To what extent does irregular payment of teachers salaries affect the teachers performance on their academic desk?

To what extent does the conducting of seminars, conferences and workshops for the teachers influence the teaching learning process? To what extent does inadequate promotion of teachers affect them in disposing their duties effectively and efficiency?Your general self-efficacy score is: 0 Keep in mind that self-efficacy can be focused upon specific areas such as self-efficacy for sports or self-efficacy for weight loss or self-efficacy for academics.

The Work Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation Scale (WEIMS) is an item measure of work motivation theoretically grounded in self-determination theory (Deci & Ryan, ).

The purpose of the present research was twofold. First, the applicability of the WEIMS in different work environments was evaluated. Motivation exists in a couple of forms: Intrinsic motivation (i.e. engaging in a behavior as an end in itself) and extrinsic motivation (i.e. engaging in a behavior as a means to an end) which have both been part of an important topic and debate within middle school educational circles (Guerrero, ).

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Extrinsic work motivation questionnaire

Too often. A Study of Motivation: How to Get Your Employees Moving SPEA Honors Thesis Spring their specific work place. This will show how motivation is important to all industries, and how needs, Herzberg’s two-factor theory, different types of motivation, such as intrinsic and extrinsic.

Extrinsic motivation may be more effective for some people than it is for others. Certain situations may also be better suited for this form of motivation.

For some people, the benefits of external rewards are enough to motivate high-quality continuous work.

Academic Performance - The Impact Of Motivation On Teachers’ And Students’