Compare aztec and roman empire

Let us consider some of the similarities:

Compare aztec and roman empire

June 6, at 4: As a IR professional, I think the best would be to evaluate greatness of the empires to certain criterions. My criterion would be an empire who made the greatest material and non-material influence all over the world rather than than sheer area criterion and left permenant institutions and a cultural heritage.

Although I am from a non-British empire nation which is widely debated hereI would say that British Empire was all time greatest empire far from all controversions. Thanks to its preeminet maritime power status, the British managed to have felt its existence all over the world from the Far East to Latin America.

Withstanding its being a colonial power, it brougt permenant institutions to the territories controlled by itself,such as the application Common Law.

It made its language lingua franca among its colonies and as a result Commonwealth still continues to exist even if is remains on paper. British achieved to utilize from technology and managed to spread its civilization to the most remote places in the world like Fiji.

No doubt,we are talking about empires and every empire means blood. Leave your prejudice at the door.

Aztecs & Romans: A Comparison of Empires

Achaemenes on July 30, at The others on this list did in fact stand the test of time. Greek culture was more important contribution than their empire.

Compare aztec and roman empire

Alexander was a great military conqueror but was not revered as an empire builder or ruler. Rex on August 6, at 8: They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.

Their tools included fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization.

The persians were the first people to establish an empire. Their empire lasted the longest and was the biggest…most importantly, they were the first ones to do it. The stupid ottomans and the romans copied it. The ottomans took their empire from the arabs.

A well done list, but unfortunately both points are wrong. It was not as dissimilar from British control as you might think. I realize that you are Turkish and this was probably not taught in your school.

No empire in world history has a guiltless record: But the Turkish Empire was a purely military empire that took its heritage from the Mongols and was therefore based on exploitation through threat of force. That is why, despite its longevity, it did not have nearly the impact on global culture as did the Roman, Han, Umayyad, or British empires.

The Mongol Empire is the greatest empire in world history. It should be No. Anonymous Historian on January 18, at An extensive group of states or countries of various ethnicities under a single supreme authority, an emperor, empress or dynasty. Their span is defined by: The point of expansion until the point of major territorial loss or division, or declaration of dissolution.

Rome itself was founded according to legend in BC, it later became a republic in BC. Rome conquers all of Italy in BC. Previously to this it was still a Republic, even though it had expanded into much of Europe and the Mediterranean.

This empire is ruled until AD, after the death of Theodosius, when it permanently split into two completely new and separate empires; The Western Roman Empire, which continued losing territory to the Goths until the emperor was dethroned in AD.

The empire continued in decline until its end circa AD. After AD the Byzantine Empire started falling apart. Territory was then successively lost and won until the Fourth Crusade in AD where the crusaders replaced the Byzantine Empire completely by placing themselves on the throne of Constantinople.

From til AD the conquered territories of the 2nd Holy Roman Empire declared independence, until the empire ceased to exist.Compare Aztec And Roman Empire. Han and Roman DBQ The Han Empire and Imperial Rome had their own unique view on different aspects of life.

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Achaemenid Empire (550 BC–330 BC)

There are many ways to compare and contrast the development the Aztec Empire with that of the Romans. Let us consider some of the similarities: Both the Romans and the Aztecs were descended from. This is an essay comparing the Aztec Empire with the Roman Empire.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of . There are obvious differences between the Roman Empire and the Aztecs.

Compare aztec and roman empire

Rome controlled a much larger area than the Aztecs. Rome at its height had authority over one and a half million square miles.

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