Case study asos and topshop

The digital equivalent of people camping outside a shop before a sale starts Executive Summary: To publicise its Summer Sale and reward its social media base, ASOS created the digital equivalent of people camping outside a shop before its sale starts. Everyone in the digital queue got early access to the ASOS Sale, and in the process sent nearly three quarters of a million invitations to friends to join them. Other brands had created digital queues before, but in an original twist, the ASOS mechanic involved a series of games which allowed users to get points and digitally elbow their way to the head of the queue.

Case study asos and topshop

We’ll be the first to admit that our online shopping addiction isn’t exactly great for our wallets – but what if we told you it’s possible to save a little cash when shopping online, while scoring unique or . Asos Case Study Essay fashion, ASOS promises the best prices and free delivery. In the past years, there have been numerous changes in the retail industry (Braatz, ). The situation. Topshop is a leading global fashion retailer with over shops in 58 countries and a large eCommerce presence. TranslateMedia has worked with Topshop for over 6 years providing high-quality human translations of brand messages, features, articles, blog posts and product descriptions.

Tuesday, 3 May A comparison case study: Topshop vs ASOS vs Missguided If it's not already obvious from how I've mentioned their names a multitude of times in the last few posts, Topshop, ASOS and Missguided are the three most visited destinations on my laptop, phone and tablet.

If I'm ever stuck for fashion inspiration, need something to wear or just want to have a browse, I'll turn to one of those websites. Topshop, ASOS and Missguided are some of the most popular fashion brands for year olds, and are each major competitors.

Topshop is arguably the best known, with over 12m followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and a reputation for being the ultimate British fashion destination - a feat the brand's built up since being founded in ASOS, which was founded inholds the coveted position of the UK's leading online retailer overtaking Topshop in and has amassed over 9m followers on its main social channels.

Missguided is relatively new to the fashion landscape, but despite only being founded inthe brand has 2.

So what are the three brands doing on social media? It was a move that made the show extremely socially accessible and critics claimed it highlighted the importance of Instagram in the fashion industry.

For a world that's focused on being aesthetic pleasing, Instagram, which is arguably the most visual social channel, certainly helps to bring it out. ASOS previewed its summer sale through a Facebook application. The app allowed customers to gain access to the sale by joining a virtual queue.

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While they were waiting, they were encouraged to play a series of games to earn points, and the people with the highest scores could access the sale first. There was also the option of sharing the game to earn extra points, which was a smart and somewhat unmasked incentive to broaden the campaign's reach.

Missguided tends to include television adverts as part of their advertising strategy - perhaps because it, unlike the former two brands, isn't as well-known due to its younger age and has to rely on bigger budgeted means to ensure a wide reach of their campaigns. InMissguided collaborated with MediaCom Manchester to produce and air a 30 second advert to showcase their seasonal wear.

The video featured a mixture of influential fashionistas and customers who uploaded their own footage to social media channels using the hashtag CantIsABadWord.

All three brands work with the knowledge that their customers are young, tech savvy, fashion conscious individuals who are constantly hungry for content.

Case study asos and topshop

As a result, their campaigns tend to be fast-paced, interactive and have the option of involving the customers often encouraging them to join in as this increases the reach and likelihood of being noticed.

In some ways, social media has reshaped the landscape of fashion and it's interesting to see what will be next.Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades! Here, at, we deliver professionally written papers, and the best grades for you from your professors are guaranteed!

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A comparison case study: Topshop vs ASOS vs Missguided | Notes by Mayzin When I think of an image of her quintessential style, I see a trench, well-worn heels, long hair, red lips, soft fabrics like cashmere, gorgeous shoes and a scarf trailing in the wind, emanating her perfume long after she has passed you in the street. You see her style is not about perfection as such.

It’s a huge number (obviously), and it practically guarantees that your customers are using Google on a regular basis. Markets, Marketing and Strategy IB Executive Summary is a global online fashion and beauty retailer and offers over 50, branded and own label product lines across women’s wear, menswear, footwear, accessories, jewelry and beauty.

Asos Case Study Essay fashion, ASOS promises the best prices and free delivery. In the past years, there have been numerous changes in the retail industry (Braatz, ). Big money savings (£££) Think beyond dorms to save on rent.

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Analysis of the Main Retail Failures The Centre has analysed the main retail failures in the period since the recession.

Case study asos and topshop

There are 32, with 12, stores affected and , employees.

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