Bbc middle east business report dubai expats jobs

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Bbc middle east business report dubai expats jobs

By Dean Napolitano 20 October Hong Kong has long been a plum post for expatriates looking to round their international experience. It's a crowded, bustling city — with 7. Yet, it packs a cultural punch.

Gleaming modern skyscrapers with luxury office suites, high-end European fashion boutiques and Michelin-star restaurants tower above shops selling traditional Chinese goods. A recent report showed that the number of foreign residents from Australia, Britain and the US, as well as Japan and Singapore, has declined.

View image of Credit: Getty Images The city has had a long relationship with Britain - it began its storied history as a British colony in and was returned to China in But there is demand for expats from professional service firms, such as law and consulting, as well as senior positions in the commerce and industry sectors, including C-suite roles, managing directors, and directors of finance and human resources.

The Hong Kong government is investing heavily in financial technology, or fintech, and businesses are looking to attract foreign expertise in telecommunications and information technology, Bennett says. Many middle-class Hong Kong families hire full-time domestic helperssomething that for most expats is an unaffordable luxury back home.

Where to live Hong Kong consists of three distinct areas: Hong Kong Island, which includes the central business district; the Kowloon peninsula across Victoria Harbour; and the New Territories, which includes more than islands.

Getty Images Most expats — especially those working in professional services — live on Hong Kong Island, where many of the multinational companies are based, but foreigners are spread out all over the city.

But it's not cheap. But, many professionals with incomes far less than what top executives earn can still live comfortably in this densely populated city, although notoriously high rents often means living in smaller apartments than what they might be used to back home.

Getty Images Prefer to buy? Beware, the market is notoriously volatile. Family life Competition for admission of expat children into international schools is fierce. Ruth Benny, founder of Top Schools, a consultancy that helps parents find schools for their children, recommends that expat families apply as soon as they know they are relocating to Hong Kong — or even before the job deal is signed.

bbc middle east business report dubai expats jobs

And you may not get your first choice. Companies generally will assist relocating employees with the streamlined process.

All Hong Kong residents aged 11 and over, including expats, are also required to obtain a smart ID card, which has distinct advantages: Settling in Expat life in Hong Kong often means being very socially active, and many foreigners expand their circles with memberships to both professional and recreational clubs.

Private sports clubs include golf, cricket, yachting and the Hong Kong Jockey Club, which was founded in The city also has many chambers of commerce and professional organisations, which are great for networking. Cultural know-how English is widely spoken in the business world and service industries that engage with large numbers of foreign customers.

But the differences are something she has embraced. We are foreigners here.The BBC has abandoned its pan-regional channel BBC Entertainment in the Middle East as part of a wider scheme to save around £m at home and overseas. Editor, Middle East Business Report, BBC World, Dubai Mr Vail spends time at the Creek rather than working Pajani Vail came to Dubai a year ago to work in construction.

Mar 30,  · BBC TV program Middle East Business Report are advertising that they will be doing a story next week on how the Pilot Shortage will affect Airlines in the region This might become pathetic. BBC World News Front Page > Programme Highlights > Programme A-Z > Middle East Business Report > Recent Programmes Widespread job losses in Dubai mean that expats are leaving the city in ever greater numbers.

Business Leaders in the Middle East have been meeting at the World Economic Forum in Jordan this week to discuss how to restore.

Dubai's unemployed head for the beach Ben Thompson Reporter, Middle East Business Report, BBC World, Dubai Bad Times Boot Camp gets unemployed people out of bed. With sweat pouring down her face, Kate Shannon is first to cross the line.

That is what these expats are doing. And in between the job hunting and interview preparation, they come. Business Leaders in the Middle East have been meeting at the World Economic Forum in Jordan this week to discuss how to restore confidence in the regions’ financial institutions following the .

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