Albright americanism essay

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Albright americanism essay

The essay contest, open to all public and private school students on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, is named in honor of the late Herbert Albright in recognition of Albright americanism essay many contributions to local and civic organizations.

These decisions come up many times everyday, to cheat or to do what is right. Many people choose the path of righteousness. However, there are some people who choose to cheat. Even though cheating holds its short term benefits the overall outcome will always lead to a loss of integrity and will end up costing more than what was gained in the action.

From sports stars that cheat to businessmen who lie, the outcome is as predictable as their actions are dishonorable. Once a role model and honorary coach, Bill Belichick has cost his team their draft choice and a large some of money. It is clear that more was lost than gained in his attempt to gain an unfair advantage.

Starting as a penny stock trader and working as a lifeguard, Bernard Madoff was the typical entrepreneur. However on December 11, it was found that his success was only superficial, when he stated that his investments were based on nothing more than a ponzi scheme.

He cost his investors over twelve billion dollars in what is now known to be the largest ponzi scheme in history. The judge sentenced Madoff to years in federal prison.

At one point Madoff was considered a great businessman but now he will always be remembered as a con artist. Everyone comes to this fork in the road, the way of lies and the way of honesty. To the ones who are honest anything is possible, and to the ones that cheat the outcome is always the same.

In the case of Belichick and Madoff it is clear that cheating is not the answer, the benefits will never out weigh the consequences. When faced with these decisions one must ask, how much is my integrity worth to me?

This topic is an important one but the wording of the question reminds me of a false premise that it stems from: When we elevate athletes to role models whose profession is more than just competitive athletics, we inadvertently reinforce a false sense of being above the law.

Fans begin to believe that athletes are more than simply human, and, later, when an athlete fails as a role model, his personal decisions veer off course and end up magnified and distorted by the voyeuristic lens of media glare, reminding adoring fans that athletes are actually just — athletes.

His decision should rely solely on what fulfills his innate obligation.

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He has to be honest with himself. Only than will he be worthy of true inner happiness. Armstrong himself has now been implicated. This not only shows the manner in which cheating spreads, undermining the sport, but also how it fails to uphold a healthy, moral conscience derived from honesty.In other words, anti-Americanism wasn’t dormant and simply reawakened in the 21 st century, with the arrival of Bush from his Texas ranch.

Recall how French statesman Georges Clemenceau echoed Linguet’s slur in the early 20 th century by sneering, "America is the only nation in history which miraculously has gone directly from barbarism to. Stephane Trano (born February 1, in France) is a French journalist and author, based in New York City, New York.

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He is specialized in International Politics, and served as a correspondent for the French newsmagazine Marianne. until January George Orwell condemned fatuous writing like this in his essay (Madeleine Albright))) declared the slow painful deaths of , Iraqi children “worth it”?

By all means let’s stop the alien invasion — both of the West AND of the Muslim world. Muslims face the same (((enemy))) we do.

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He also received honorary Doctor of Humanities degrees from Albright College, Reading, and honorary Doctor of Arts and Letters degree from King's College, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and a Doctor of Public.

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Albright americanism essay

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