A case against college

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A case against college

In the beginning, we did all the picking and making noise, here in Kansas City. If you can answer that, you can perhaps answer the reason why the majority of the calls in is not from men, but from women calling for a man.

Men, as a species, simply do not step up and ask for help. Yes, there are men here that have, but I will wager that there is something else they have not done, like the last time they went in for a physical, or talked to the doctor about that reoccurring pain?

In my experience, I have found that word of mouth recommendations works the best for bringing in new members. That is how we have gotten the majority of our members at Blair College.

A member is using our materials, who tells another father about us, who tells his wife, girlfriend, mother, or other lady, who calls us.

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More has gotten done by having favorable court ruling, than by all the picking. I have found that the view of the public of fathers picketing is that we are just a bunch of whining dads who are mad because we have to pay child support.

What it takes to bring in fathers is to talk to fathers. Drove my wife crazy doing that. If I go to a grocery store on a weekend, I can spot a father who has his children for the weekend from two isles away.

A case against college

As for the day care, have you thought about suing her for the money? We are not comparing apples to oranges here June 6, The gross injustice caused by our own government is far worse than going to a foriegn land to die for a cause. The solution has been staring us in the wallet for quite some time, are we just too tired to see it?

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Gulf War, the U. Moral of the story, take away the gas and oil, mix in 20 million fathers and the machine stops. Without the money, who will work for nothing? I would think, if the money stopped coming in, the machine would come to a most glorious stop. What can they do? Our children have waited long enough for us fathers to do something.

What do you think? So, go ahead and rant on Charlie, at least one of us has a pair! I search desperately for an answer April 15, I search desperately for an answer of how we can bring the masses of Disenfranchised Fathers, and their loved ones, together to make the statement needed to make this continent a safe haven for all children.

One of my most worthwhile projects that I am involved with is the Center on Fathering and one my most respected writings expressing the state of the destruction of men by our system can be found there.

I stir up the mud from time to time, much like recently, to express the side that cries for all to pull their heads out of the sand.

The tyranny and blatant amoral corruption that has infected the US is no less horrific than all the ills of history but few will accept the facts. Try standing at the steps of a court house in protest, or be one of only a few displaying purple ribbons tied around trees in the yard I doubt if more than a handful knows what it means.

Those who do just these two simple things realize the frustration of the difference between the 20 mil and who stands up. It is hard to stand by and watch the few heroes of our movement be castrated before the public and made silent or disappear after years into their battles. Things like pro-life, regarding the Constitution as Supreme Law, and family values guarantees loss during elections, take Alan Keyes for example.

There is much to my history in this battle and I know of answers to turning this all around. The last time this country was in this situation, there was a lot of tea being served out of the Boston Harbour. I go both ways. I look for ways to bring the 20 mil together peacefully but I am not so naive not to realize that it may take bloody revolution before we see the future of our children saved.

After all, is there a more just cause for such action? I hope everyone stays tuned. In Canada and the USA a group the size of what you refer to would affect change.

So why not help get us organized? The children in both Nazi Germany and Iraq were used in the exact same way as the children are used in the court system. They are used to manipulate and hurt the fathers.

They are used to portray an unfair image of the mother to the courts, and bad image of the estranged father.Your source for local news, sports, high school sports and weather in and around Jefferson City, Columbia, Fulton and the Lake of the Ozarks.

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